Reps. Gleim, Keefer, Borowicz & White message on H.B. 972, Women in Sports Protection Act

Jun. 29, 2022 / Embed

State Rep. Gleim, Keefer, Borowicz, and White urge the governor to sign the Fairness in Women's Sports Act

Fairness in Women's Sports Press Conference

Jun. 07, 2022 / Embed

Representatives Barb Gleim, Valerie Gaydos, Dawn Keefer and Stephanie Borowicz hold a press conference advocating for House Bill 972 which would protect opportunities for women and girls in athletics by ensuring women are not forced to compete against biological males playing on women’s sports teams.

Local Bridge Dedicated in Honor of Patton Tank Driver, Humble Hometown Hero Lee Phillips

May. 12, 2022 / Embed

A ceremony was held on May 3rd, 2022 to dedicate a bridge in Woolrich PA in honor of Tech Corporal Lee R. Phillips.

Supporting Women’s Rights in Competitive Sports

Mar. 29, 2022 / Embed

In a move to support women’s rights in competitive sports, Rep. Stephanie Borowicz urges passage of the Fairness in Women's Sports Act before the House Education Committee.

Increasing Highway Mileage for Multipurpose Agriculture Vehicles

Nov. 15, 2021 / Embed

Rep. Stephanie Borowicz urges support for her bill to allow Multipurpose Agriculture Vehicles to travel up to 10 miles on highways between farms and fields

Petty Office Stephen "Turbo" Toboz, Jr. Bridge Dedication Ceremony

Aug. 30, 2021 / Embed

Rep. Stephanie Borowicz participates in the Petty Officer Stephen "Turbo" Toboz, Jr. Bridge Dedication Ceremony in Castanea Township, Clinton County

Rep. Borowicz Addresses the Health Freedom Rally

Jun. 14, 2021 / Embed

Representative Stephanie Borowicz comments on House Bill 958, the Immunization Freedom Act.

Locked and Loaded Gun Rally

Jun. 07, 2021 / Embed

Many pro-Second Amendment state lawmakers, including Stephanie Borowicz joined together with law-abiding firearm owners from across the Commonwealth for the 2021 Right to Keep and Bear Arms Rally.

Borowicz On Abortion Bill Package

Jun. 04, 2021 / Embed

State Rep. Stephanie Borowicz comments on the wave of Pro-life bills recently passed though committee meetings.

Borowicz's Heartbeat Bill

May. 25, 2021 / Embed

Representative Stephanie Borowicz comments on her bill, HB 904, legislation that will require all physicians, before proceeding with an abortion, to determine whether the baby has a heartbeat. If the baby has a heartbeat, then the abortion cannot be performed.