May. 09, 2024

HARRISBURG – Today, Rep. Stephanie Borowicz released the following statement commending the defeat of House Bill 2206 and 335 this week on the House Floor. 

“The Founding Fathers made it clear, the Second Amendment shall not infringed, and in Pennsylvania, it shall not be questioned”, said Borowicz. “These two bills sought out to disarm and disenfranchise gun owners across the Commonwealth.

“It is not the Government’s job to know what we own, and who owns it. Americans and Pennsylvanians know what lies between freedom and tyranny is the right to protect yourself. These bills sought to give the Government more control over the people, and I am grateful to see their defeat. 

“I will proudly stand up against any attempt to infringe on Second Amendment rights in Pennsylvania, and if these bills are reconsidered, I will once again stand against the efforts of House Democrats to diminish our rights.” 

Borowicz remarks available here.

Representative Stephanie Borowicz
76th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Tim Craine
717.260.6344 /