Feb. 12, 2024

HARRISBURG – Today, Rep. Stephanie Borowicz (R-Clinton/Union) released a statement announcing funding awarded to multiple local career and technical (CTCs) schools in the 76th Legislative District.

Keystone Central CTC, SUN Area Technical and Jersey Shore Area will receive funding to expand and improve access to first-class equipment and educational advantages for their students as part of a program to purchase new equipment to help train students in high-demand occupations through career and technical education programs.

Keystone Central CTC will receive $84,217; SUN Area Tech will receive $85,000; and Jersey Shore Area, a CTC with many students from the 76th Legislative District, will receive $18,689 in funding. This totals $187,906 in funding for local career and technical education.

“Our country was founded on and expanded because of hard working manufacturing and trade jobs. For Pennsylvania to continue to grow and prosper it is vital to support our trade jobs and skilled workers.” Borowicz said. “I am proud to see this career and technical school funding come to the schools in the 76th House District.”

“Improving and expanding career and tech programs is vital to meeting demand for high-paying, high-demand careers in the trades,” said Rep. David Rowe (R-Snyder/Union/Mifflin/Juniata), who represents the 85th District, which sends students to SUN Area Technical. “I am excited that students in the 85th District will be able to access new opportunities at SUN Area Technical Institute to prepare for a successful transition into the workforce, which can evolve into a family- sustaining career.”
Across Pennsylvania, there are more than 80 CTCs that offer a combination of classes and hands-on learning programs approved by the Department of Education. 

Representative Stephanie Borowicz 
76th Legislative District 
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Tim Craine 
repstephanie.com / facebook.com/RepBorowicz